Prepress Capabilities

It is our job to anticipate our customer's needs and we've done just that. Centurion Print has a state-of-the-art Prepress Department to better serve your need, we have made investments in equipment and technology to create an optimised workflow from pre-press through to finished print job. Whether you supply the artwork in a digital format or 'good old fashioned' pen-to-paper, we will transform it into a print ready file.

Then we'll supply you with either a ripped soft proof or a hard proof run from one of our Epson printers via GMG software with direct 1-bit TIFF input, ensuring that what you see is what you'll get.

Front End

Macintosh platform running the latest Adobe Creative Suite software.


Kodak Prinergy with integrated Imposition and CiP3 data directly linked to our presses.

Colour Management

Proofing - Epson 9800 and Epson 9600 running GMG software with ISO Calibrated Colour Management.

pressSIGN-PRO V4.6 measures and controls the printing process to ensure accurate colour on press.


CTP - 8-up Kodak Magnus platesetter with online processor and plate stacker.